I had finished work as a ward assistant in a mental health hospital, and had just signed out and got into the transport that was booked to take us the 15 miles or so to our home town. This particular November evening in 1996 there was just three of us plus the driver. After about ten minutes or so in the car, it shuddered to a halt. The driver got out and looked under the bonnet and concluded he needed to walk to the nearest village to make a phone call. Sally another passenger in the car suggested we tried to push it while Maynard (the driver) tried get it ‘going’.

So as Sally, Viv and myself started to push the red car, we were suddenly hit from behind – effectively crushing me and the other passengers. The car then swerved and hit another car and lorry. I was thrown across the ground and ended up laying on the verge – and remember crying out “Oh God, why me”. But as the paramedics arrived and I was taken the few miles to Addenbrookes hospital I once again remember shouting out to the paramedics something like “My goodness aren’t the roads bumpy” and the I lapsed into unconsciousness for some weeks. I recall various things about my hospital stay, like having to lay flat on the bed and wear these ‘prism glasses’ to see the TV: And the doctors discussing my x-rays with my family thinking I was deaf: And being in a room full of visitors and not being able to say a word.

My injuries and treatment lasted months and included: Broken neck, two shattered legs (one of which I later lost), A broken nose, I had compartment syndrome (I think that’s the name for it), and had to have my legs cut to relief swelling. I had a tracheotomy inserted into my neck to assist breathing (Boy how I hated that – especially when they come to clean it).  I also recall how the nurses took me on my bed into the treatment room to clean my legs complete with cages – and how I swore like a naughty school child in pain.

They couldn’t do anything more to save my left leg so it was amputated bk at a later date, my right leg is still not in a good condition and has refused to mend and I am supported only by the metal pin inside the broken bone.

Tomorrow: Easter eggs should be banned


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