Illness and sores

We were due to visit our wonderful capital a few weeks back, but alas due to poor health I was unable to go on the visit with the rest of my family. Instead I had a day to myself in bed, and while sometimes I dream of such an occurrence, this was certainly not how I had planned it to be. I’d been suffering from a sore on my stump (I’m a below knee amputee which isn’t related to diabetes), in reality walking was even tougher than normal. I could barely walk anywhere. I was dressing my ‘sore’ with a prescribed dressing [Allevyn], but after two or three weeks it had failed to make any real progress in healing; so I decided a trip to see the practise nurse was in order.

Luckily I managed to get in to see her on the same day (A rarity) and unluckily it was a nurse who happened to be a right grouch! Anyway, she insisted it wasn’t infected (as I had suspected due to my bed ridden illness), and she gave me some ‘inadine’ to put over the sore prior to the Allevyn. She assured me it would ‘dry it up’. Now a further two weeks on, and the sore is still – well sore, and although I feel a whole lot better than I did when I was bed ridden (Fever, aches, etc) I still feel unable to actually drag myself into today, everything is an effort! Fortunately my family have taken over the household tasks when they are able to allow me to rest the stump as much as possible.

So with another week opening, and the stump still unhealed I’m being nagged into another visit to see the nurse/doctor. I may well have missed meeting up with friends in London and a day out in the capital, but there was no way I could make it. Oddly enough right up to the evening before we were due to go, did I still say I was going (even though I didn’t feel particularly well)!

Tomorrow: My accident, what happened


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