I admit it’s been a few years since I was diagnosed with diabetes. In fact it was 1997, following a serious road traffic accident! Of course I immediately blamed my accident for my diagnosis, but was later told by ‘one lot of experts’ that actually, the problem was already underlying and my accident just ‘showed it’. Over the years I have progressed from the initial ‘try diet alone’, to tablets and then onto insulin. But as I struggled to manage my diabetes I was referred back to the hospital, where they decided a change of insulin was needed, and I was moved on to four injections a day.

This was as recent as a few months ago, and at my last visit I admitted that I ‘sometimes forgot’ to take my insulin (I was previously on two injections a day first thing in the morning and tea time). The doctor who agreed that people did often forget and that I should try extremely hard to remember. So with modern technology in the form of my mobile phone – I set my phone to go off three times a day – around the time when I usually eat (although it is sometimes some time away). And since that day I am pleased to declared that I have had no memory lapse (thanks Mobile phone) and have taken my insulin at every time I am supposed to.

So are my blood sugars now better? In a word no! I regard my portion sizes as ‘average’ or smaller than average. I eat mostly wholemeal bread and whole grain rice and pastas. I don’t eat many cakes, chocolate etc (although I am rather partial to a Cadbury’s Easter Egg), so why are they still running high? I’ve no idea, but one thing I do know is that I’ve been ‘poorly’ lately (see my next post tomorrow)


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